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House Special

Chi Cafe Special Stir-Fried 旺角小炒王 $9.50
Lotus Root & Celery with Fish Cake 藕片西芹炒魚鬆 $9.50
Lamb with Special Sauce 新疆孜然羊肉 $10.50
Sizzling Salty Fish & Chicken with Eggplant 鐵板鹹魚雞粒茄子 $9.50
Pork Kidney in Sichuan Sauce 川醬爆腰花 $8.50
Pork Liver & Kidney in House Special Sauce 京醬腰肝 $8.50
Stir Fried Beef Tripe with Sour Vegetables 酸菜炒牛百葉 $8.50
Yellow Chives & Shrimp with Scrambled Egg 韭王蝦仁炒蛋 $10.50
Fish Stomach & Chives in XO Sauce XO醬韭菜花炒魚扣 $10.50
Fish Stomach in Black Bean Sauce 豉椒炒魚扣 $10.50
Sizzling Eggplant with Garlic Sauce 鐵板魚香茄子 $8.50
String Bean with Dried Shrimp & Olive 安蝦欖菜四季豆 $8.50
Bean Sprout Celery with Pork Intestine 大豆芽香芹炒豬腸 $8.50
Stir Fried Pork Intestine with Hot Pepper 菜脯尖椒炒大腸 $8.50
Sizzling Pork Intestine 鐵板啫啫豬大腸 $8.50
Beef Tripe with Ginger & Onion 薑蔥炒牛百葉 $8.50
Salty fish & Chicken with Chives 鹹魚雞粒炒韭菜花 $8.50
Okra & Lotus Roots with Chinese Sausage 雲耳蓮藕炒臘味 $8.50
Stir Fried Pig Blood with Bean Sprouts  大豆芽炒豬紅 $8.50
Stir Fried Pig Blood with Chives 韭菜花炒豬紅 $8.50
Fried Turnip Omelet Taiwanese Style 台式菜脯煎蛋 $8.50
Dried Fish & Cucumber with Fish Fillet 方魚青瓜燴斑球 $10.50
Chives & Bean Curd with Cuttle Fish Roll 韭菜花豆干墨魚卷 $10.50
Stir-fried On Choy and Squid in Shrimp Paste 蝦醬通菜炒鮮魷 $10.50
Beef Tongue with XO Sauce XO醬爆牛爽肉 $9.50
Beef Tongue & Celery in Malaysian Style 馬拉盞荷芹牛爽肉 $9.50
Chinese Chives with Clam Meat 韭菜花炒蜆肉 $8.50