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Beef Dishes

Sizzling Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Saki Sauce 鐵板燒汁牛柳 $10.50
Sizzling Beef Rib with Black Pepper Sauce 鐵板黑椒牛仔骨 $10.50
Sizzling Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce  鐵板黑椒牛柳 $10.50
Beef Rib with Honey Pepper Sauce  蜜椒牛仔骨 $10.50
Beef with On Choy in Bean Curd Sauce 腐乳通菜牛肉 $9.95
Stir-Fried Beef with Sour Vegetable 酸菜牛肉 $9.95
Fresh Mushroom & Beef with Onion Sauce 鮮蘑菇蔥爆牛肉 $9.95
Beef with Jalapeno Pepper 虎皮椒牛肉 $9.95
Beef with Okra and Ear Mushroom 雲耳勝瓜炒牛肉 $9.95
Beef with King Mushroom and Snow Pea 皇子菇雪豆炒牛肉 $9.95
Beef with American Broccoli 西蘭花牛肉 $9.95
Beef with Chinese Broccoli 唐芥蘭牛肉 $9.95
Beef with Bitter Melon 涼瓜牛肉 $9.95
Mongolian Beef 蒙古牛肉 $9.95
Orange Beef 陳皮牛肉 $9.95
Hunan Beef 湖南牛肉 $9.95
Beef Chop Suey 牛肉雜碎 $9.95
Kung Pao Beef  宮保牛肉 $9.95